The term “massage therapy” comes from the Greek words “masso” and “therapeia.” The word masso means kneading or shaping with the hands, while the word therapeia means caring or healing. The literal meaning of massage therapy is “healing with the shaping of the hands.” Massage therapy is nothing more than a soft tissue massage administered with the hands and aimed at curing primary musculoskeletal system ailments, such as muscle soreness, muscle contractures, water retention and psychic stress. Massage therapy results in the significant improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, is relaxing and creates a sedative effect by relieving pain.


The different massage therapy phases can be divided into four sections: touch, friction, kneading and percussion. Depending on the therapist’s requests and objectives in delivery at the beginning of treatment, these phases can be modified in terms of timing and intensity.


Massage therapy is recommended for most sports problems and non-sports related problems, however, there are some ailments for which it is not recommended, including pregnant women, people with fractures and wounds, tumours, blood coagulation defects, patients who have recently undergone surgery and skin infections.