Depending on the problems detected in the assessment phase, the patient will begin his or her therapy journey together with a physiotherapist. This step-by-step journey involves the combination of manual therapy techniques and functional rehabilitation exercises. One won’t work without the other.


GRADUAL exercises will be performed in the rehabilitation gym depending on the pain felt by the patient. These may be muscle-joint specific to achieve a particular micro-objective, or general aerobic exercises for the improvement of painful symptoms. A progressive series of exercises will be decided in COLLABORATION with the patient, who will help the physiotherapist to find his or her personal capacity. This element is essential for treatment to be effective, as the therapist will always take into account the positive or negative experience of the person performing the exercise. It is much easier and more motivating for the patient to know that he or she can accomplish a task.



Medical Exercise Therapy or MET is a form of treatment that was created in Scandinavia and is supported by the human body’s bio-psychosocial model. When using this type of therapy, it’s important for the physiotherapist to always be present, close and available so as to create a safe environment for the patient. The physiotherapist will always be available to answer any questions, removing any feelings of insecurity. The patient will also be told how the therapy is going to be performed. When insecurity and anxiety are reduced, PAIN ALSO DECREASES.